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Water at the Margins

Maria Rusca

In many parts of Maputo, accessing water is a challenge. The documentary Water at the Margins tells the stories of women and men at the margin of the water supply network and beyond, where chasing water is the norm. Their stories reveal the many ways in which water deeply marks people’s life and their ability to live and settle in a place, take care of their family or develop a business. As these stories unfold, the question of why so many in Maputo are unserved or undeserved becomes more urgent. Water utility staff are faced with this question: is it possible to provide water more equitably?

Water at the Margins is produced by Whales that Fly and directed by Maria Rusca. It has received funding from EU Horizon 2020 under the Marie Curie project INHAbIT cities (No. 656738) by IHE Delft-DUPC.

Maria Rusca is a researcher in Water and Society. Her work focuses on the politics of urban waters, large water infrastructures and hydrological extremes in various geographical contexts and at different scales. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to further understandings of uneven distribution of disaster risk and inequalities in access to basic services, and how these are experienced. She was PI of INHAbIT cities and UNHIDE, focused on the dynamics of urban waters in sub-Saharan Africa.

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