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Tidal Choreography

Gina Moore & Michele Lobo

Tidal Choreography is a 3D animation film that uses experimentation to materialise socio-technical imaginaries of more-than-human justice. The film attempts to dismantle the brutality of the Colonial Anthropocene through a visceral ecological experience that co-mingles saltwater worlds on the edges of the Indian Ocean, in Northern Australia and Eastern India. Ecological intimacies are performed through crocodile-human becomings and co-becomings that attune to Indigenous and southern ontologies. We try and develop ethical relationships with technology by mingling more-than-human stories with computer generated images and sound design in a saltwater milieu that resists captivation.

Gina Moore is a visual artist and a lecturer in the Bachelor of Design, Animation and Interactive Media program at RMIT University. As a painter, sculptor, illustrator and animator, Gina has been employed in a variety of sectors including public art, architectural visualisation, and advertising. Since 1990 she has exhibited work utilizing a variety of media including painting, sculpture, animated film and Virtual Reality.

Michele Lobo
is a cultural geographer at Deakin University, Melbourne. Her research seeks to invigorate debates on racial and climate justice. She engages with diverse Indigenous, Southern (including Dalit, Adivasi), Eastern, Black, Diasporic and Islamic cosmologies of co-belonging.

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