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Posthuman Landscapes

Candice Boyd & Elizabeth Straughan

Shot on location in regional Australia at Griffith, Hedland, and Port Lincoln as part of the Engaging Youth in Regional Australia Project (funded by the Australian Research Council), Posthuman Landscapes is included as a looped, silent projection in the 2021 Finding Home Touring Exhibition. Inspired by Linda Lappin’s Soul of Place, we tweet to the landscape. Lappin suggests that in tweeting to landscape, writers should ‘[l]ook for the beautiful, sublime, picturesque, strange, or comic. Strive for the haiku effect’ (p. 43). By combining the tweets with panoramic footage, we draw attention to the posthuman qualities of these landscapes.

Candice Boyd is an artist-geographer whose art practice attempts to translate ‘felt’ knowledges into visual, auditory, and haptic forms through creative writing, material experimentation, audio-visual works, and sonic improvisation. Libby is a cultural geographer interested in the sensory experiences of creative and embodied practices.

For Libby Straughan, this is an ethical stance as the senses highlight how bodies are entangled with environments. By attending to sensory experience, she considers how emotions emerge from engagements with the world.

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