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Rob St John


Örö, a film by Rob St John, documents an island landscape in transition. Shot on the former military island of Örö on the Finnish Archipelago during two months of fieldwork in midwinter and midsummer, this film highlights the tensions and transitions through a landscape of nationally important ecosystems and species; decaying and rusting military structures, war graves, Iron Age burial cairns and a nascent tourism industry. Örö uses sonification techniques to turn environmental data sets into musical compositions. You hear the dynamics of a 1500-year-old Baltic seabed core (showing how human impact is altering geological formation), eutrophic algae blooms in the sea (due to warming temperatures and nutrient pollution), and photosynthesis fluctuations in an island birch tree. This film forms a new mode of documenting the tangles of life that pattern Örö, across various scales of space and time.

Rob St John is an artist and researcher from rural Lancashire, UK. He recently graduated with a PhD across geography and art from the University of Glasgow. Portfolio: robstjohn.co.uk

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