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2021 Program


Welcome to the inaugural IAG Film Shorts, part of the 2021 Institute of Australian Geographers & New Zealand Geographical Society Combined Conference.

Building on longer traditions of geographical film, geographers today are increasingly embracing filmmaking as an integral part of their research practice. Geographers are finding recognition in and out of the discipline for their creative outputs, and reaching new and diverse audiences for their research endeavours. Indeed, the rapid development of consumer videographic technology means that it has never been easier for geographers to make a film.

Our two sessions for this year’s program are curated around the geographic themes of Place, Labour and Belonging, with all of the films speaking to these themes in diverse and cross cutting ways. Across the sessions there are a total of twelve short films, including from Australian, English, French, Iranian, Portuguese and Swedish filmmakers. These films reflect on these geographic issues in places such as Australia, China, Europe, India, Mozambique, the former Soviet Union, Timor-Leste and Zambia.

We hope you enjoy the curation and online format of this year’s program. We recommend watching the films in two sessions following the order suggested here, but the online format means you are of course able to skip back and ahead; to pause, rewind and rewatch. We imagine this conference session a time to be moved and inspired, to reflect on the potentials and opportunities of this expressive medium, and to celebrate the spirited, ground-breaking and beautiful creations of our filmmaking-geographer colleagues around the world.

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